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This racquet feautres Graphene XT technology. The construction of the racqet makes it stronger while using the weight a lot better which is great for attacking players. By this, the Graphene XT technology is 20% lighter than a converntional racquet while still providing the same swing weight. This make the racquet faster but still able to pack a big punch on impact with the ball.

Head size: 500cm2
Frame weight: 135g
Balance: Head Light
String Pattern: 12 x 17


The Head Graphene Touch Radical 135 Slimbody Squash Racquet is the replacement for one of our most popular racquets, the Graphene XT Xenon 135 SB. The Radical 135 Slimbody is truly designed for those who desire control above all else.

Its tight sweet spot, very thin frame and 135 gram weight ooze control. The Slimbody series have a lot of feel and rewards the player when they hit the ball clean. Its very thin beam helps make this racquet maneuverable and allows you to pick of even the tightest of balls from the wall.

It comes strung in the standard 14/17 straight stringing pattern. The optional stringing pattern is an 18/17 stringing pattern where the main string fan out from the bridge of the racquet to the top of the head. This stringing pattern helps stabilize the frame on off centre hits which is a nice addition to this racquet. The denser string pattern provides even better control to this already excellent control racquet.

If you are looking to control the game with precision and control of the ball then take a serious look at the Graphene Touch Radical 135 Slimbody. It is designed for you.

Head size: 475cm2
Frame weight: 135g
Balance: Even
String Pattern: 14 x 18 or 18 x 17


The Graphene Touch SPEED 120 (Prestrung in 12/17 String Pattern) is perfect for the power player who needs more control.
Check out the 16/17 pattern for more touch or choose the 12/17 pattern for more power.

Head size: 500cm2
Frame weight: 120g
Balance: Head Heavy
String Pattern: 12 x 17 or 16 x 17


A heavier version of the Speed 120, to pack an extra punch. This brand new frame brings serious power for an aggressive court player, who needs some additional control. The higher weight increases the racket's overall swing weight, for more control on each hit. Power is supported by the unique teardrop shape and larger headsize. Graphene Touch technology provides exceptional touch and a solid feel during those powerful strokes.

Head size: 500cm2
Frame weight: 135g
Balance: Head Heavy
String Pattern: 12 x 17 or 16 x 17

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